Game - Sport Trainer Mystery Shooting Gallery, lithographed, tin, West Germany, with box, EXCELLENT condition

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Vintage 1960s shooting game, made in West Germany, and in incredibly good condition for its age! Gun is connected through the inside of the game to a dart that marks the score card from the inside, so nothing is being fired and there is nothing to lose. There is a timer mechanism that lets you put a little extra pressure on yourself by being timed. 

It comes with a thick stack of score cards but it looks like most if not all have been used. 

Graphics are lithographed on to the metal and are in extraordinarily good shape. The box is also looking very good although some of the corners are pretty worn. Somebody did some quick math calculations on one corner of the box as well. 

The corner of the plastic shield is chipped and one corner of the metal body at the back is dented. 

However, the inner workings of this toy are so clean! No rust to be seen anywhere. 

Please let me know if you want to see more pictures - I could only post twelve.

Measures 32" long, 10" high, and about 6" wide. Weighs about 5 lbs.

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